Fan Friday ~ Jovana Shares Why She Is A Fan!

I started liking Paul Wesley when I saw him on the vampire diaries. The first time I saw him on the show I was like he is definitely going to be my favorite character and he is. When he died in the final episode I cried like I’ve never cried before, it really hit me hard and he is so sweet and caring in the show, he is probably like that in real life as well.

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What I like about Paul is that I see in videos that he is really funny and he is really nice to his fans he answers to all the questions that people ask, he doesn’t ignore his fans, he tries to take pictures or sign autographs as much as he can. I have never met him but I hope one day I will. He is my role model and he makes me want to be a better person, he also inspires me. I love him and I hope I get to meet him one day and tell him that in person.

Love ~ Jovana





Thank you Jovana for sharing what you love about Paul!


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