Fan Friday ~ Check Out How Hannah Became A Fan Of Paul’s

My name is Hannah Fellon. I am from NJ. The first time I met Paul was in 2014. I was going to a Vampire Diaries convention for my very first time. My mom went with me and was really excited to see him because she has always been team Stefan. I on the other hand was a Damon girl. Little did I know, that in just seconds of listening to Paul talk at his panel, that I was going to lean more towards him than Ian. During this convention, Ian had actually switched days, so Paul had a panel by himself. You could tell he was really nervous, but since he had his sister Jules, travel with him, he brought her up on stage as well. Just from the interaction on stage and them sharing stories about their past time, was adorable. I admired Paul more because you could really tell he was a family man. He enjoyed being home after filming and enjoyed his time with his family.

After his Panel, we had a photo op opportunity with him. I was so nervous waiting in line. I remember seeing him for the first time, my god he was tall, lol. But you could see how happy he was to meet all his fans. He took the time to give everyone hugs/high fives/ and just a genuine smile. When it was my turn for a photo I showed him the t-shirts I made my mom and I. On the back, we each had our own quote that Stefan had said in the show. Paul really appreciated it and loved how they turned out, which made me feel so happy because it took a couple days to make before the con. After the photos, it was time for us to go home, the day had ended and I remember telling my mom, “we have to go back. I don’t want to leave Paul behind! Mom, we have to go back next year to see him!!”.

The following year, we returned to the same convention in 2015. At first, we didn’t have many photo ops. I was planning on just getting them at the con. When we got up to the counter to buy our tickets my mom just gave me this look, and I was like mom, I know we saw him last year, but I have to see him again. I don’t know why but something is telling me I have to!” And just like that I had another photo op with Paul and an Auto. I can’t remember what I said to Paul during our photo op that year but Autographs were funny. Ian had signed my board so huge! So, Paul was like no way, and he grabbed the sharpie and wrote huge right over top of Ian, which I didn’t mind, I thought it was quite funny. Paul, made it very to make me laugh. After the first time, I met him, I was never really nervous to meet him, he treated everyone so nice and he was so funny! I remember on stage, when he pretended to sing and be the little mermaid, then he went on and made these funny voices. I always thought of Paul as just another person. He never seemed stuck up. he was just carefree and so nice.

I’ve had another chance to meet Paul as well, with Ian. I had a duo photo op with the two guys. They were really nice and patient with me the third time around because our photo got messed up, and I wanted to redo it. So, they pretty much told the camera man, hey one more please. Which was so nice since I had only paid for one photo op, but they wanted the picture to be perfect. Overall, I’ve had very nice encounters with Paul, he is the sweetest person ever. I can’t wait for this summer, I get to see him one last in July as the show is now ending. Hopefully I’ll get to see Paul if he does another play. So, sad I missed him Cal in Camo!!

I also love Paul because he is constantly trying to give back to the world. Whenever he has fundraisers/donations, I always try and give a little to the cause and that’s because I know this is something Paul really cares about and in the long run I know it’s going to be put to good use. Especially his Human Society. I love giving back and helping Paul with it.

My instagram is @hannah_fellon
​Thank you for letting me share my story!!
-Hannah Fellon



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