EW – First Look – Paul Wesley

Entertainment Weekly has a first look at Tell Me a Story featuring Eddie (Paul) as a bartender in the series.


Paul Wesley has gone from playing predator to prey. The former Vampire Diariesstar followed Vampire co-creator Kevin Williamson to his next gig on Tell Me A Story, a new thriller that takes classic fairy tales and sets them in modern day. Specifically, season 1 will intertwine the stories of Hansel and GretelThe Three Little Pigs, and Little Red Riding Hood, with Wesley falling into the Three Little Pigs story line as Eddie, a bartender, low-level drug dealer, and part-time thief who struggles with his own drug and alcohol problems.

“If you look at the three little pigs, what’s the theme of that? Hard work pays off. The pig who built his house with brick and worked really, really hard is the one who survived,” showrunner Kevin Williamson says. “The littlest pig is the lazy one, then you have the middle pig who’s the man of half-measure who works really hard … sort of. He’s the guy who stops halfway through. And then you have the third pig who works hard for everything that he has.”

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