Countdown to Paul’s Return to TVD – Day 24

Countdown to Paul’s Return to TVD – Day 24

The Vampire Diaries Season 2 – Episode 27 “Kill or Be Killed”– Stefan confronts Mason at the Founders Day Picnic (Stefan and Elena are still pretending they broke up). Mason Lockwood tells Caroline’s mother Sheriff Forbes that the Salvatore brothers are vampires. Damon drank lemonade that had vervain and the Sheriff saw – the brothers were set up by Mason and the Sheriff. Elena and Caroline saved them but the Sheriff found out Caroline was a vampire. Elena catches Stefan looking at the blood banks and he is deciding on drinking human blood little by little to become stronger. In the end Elena lets Stefan drink her blood.

The Vampire Diaries – Kill or Be Killed– aired 10/7/2010
Written by Mike Daniels
Directed by Jeff Woolnough

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