Countdown to Paul’s Return to TVD – Day 114

Countdown to Paul’s Return to TVD – Day 114

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 – Episode 131 “I’d Leave My Happy Home for You” –   Enzo finds Stefan on the phone to Caroline’s voice-mail, begging her to come home. He tells Stefan that his mother is potentially turning into a ripper again and that he needs to intervene.Stefan finds his mother and stops her from feeding on someone. They talk and Stefan realizes that she can’t be helped the easy way and prepares to vervain her, however, Lily notices that he is lying and vervains him instead, feeding on a waitress and terrifying all the customers at the bar. Enzo arrives at the bar and tells Stefan Damon’s plan. Lily finds Bonnie and Jo and threatens Bonnie as she is the reason she can’t get her people back. After stabbing Bonnie, Lily finds out Jo is pregnant of two twins, so her coven will try to take the babies and make them merge, rendering Kai useless. Meanwhile Damon is with Elena and she takes the cure on the porch, telling him she loves him. As human, Alric’s compulsion is gone and she gains her memories back. Stefan then calls Damon to let him know that Lily is free and now would be a bad time to take the cure. As he’s telling Damon this, Lily snaps his neck, leaving Elena shocked. Elena stabs her in the eye with a brooch and runs into The Grill. She hides in the tunnels and Lily leaves, angry. Alaric goes to the hospital to check on Jo and Bonnie and tells her to go somewhere the coven can’t find them. Stefan and Damonn find Lily and lock her up in the cell in the Salvatore house. Damon finds Elena in front of the fireplace and she confronts him, telling him that she had asked him before to take the cure with him and he had refused, saying that to be human would be to have the most miserable life in existence. Elena says that she isn’t going to let him take the cure until everyone has tried to talk him out of it, to ensure that to be human is what he wants and that he isn’t doing it just to keep Elena. The episode ends with Kai making dinner for the six vampire/witch hybrids, saying that today is the day that they’re getting out of the prison world.

The Vampire Diaries – I’d Leave My Happy Home for You – aired 4/30/2015
Written by Brett Matthews & Rebecca Sonnenshine
Directed by Jesse Warne


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