Countdown to Paul’s Return to TVD – Day 112

Countdown to Paul’s Return to TVD – Day 112

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 – Episode 129 – “I Never Could Love Like That” – Caroline and Stefan have still switched off their humanity. They are terrorizing and killing the people at Whitmore’s. Matt and Tyler are being tortured by them, Matt ends up in the hospital. Meanwhile, Elena and Damon are having a pleasant morning. They’re enjoying breakfast made by Lily. Damon has come up with a plan to bring Stefan and Caroline back which involves Lily (the Salvatore’s mother) convincing Stefan to turn his humanity back on and then Stefan can convince Caroline to switch it back on too. Enzo has taken Sarah from the hospital and tries to bring her to the Salvatore house, but when he sees Lily, he runs away in shock. Turns out that when Enzo was living in South Hampton, he was suffering from consumption until he met Lily, who fed him with vampire blood so then after he died (of consumption) he became a vampire. In the present day, Lily tells Damon that she will help him to bring back Stefan but in return he has to give her the ascendant so she can bring her “other family” back. When Lily and Damon go to the school bar, she says just the right words to get Stefan to flip his switch (even though Damon told her exactly what to say). Now Stefan has to track down Caroline and get her to flip the switch, too.

The Vampire Diaries – I Never Could Love Like That – aired 4/16/2015
Written by Matthew D’Ambrosio
Teleplay by:Chad Fiveash & James Storeaux
Directed by Leslie Libman


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