Countdown to Paul’s Return to TVD – Day 110 – Part 2

Countdown to Paul’s Return to TVD – Day 110 – Part 2

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 – Episode 127 ”The Downward Spiral”  –  After switching off her humanity, Caroline makes out with Liam outside of a bar and feeds off of him. She tells Bonnie and Elena that she will avoid killing anyone if they give her a year to live freely without her pain, and they initially agree. Kai refuses to give Damon information about his mother unless he helps Kai apologize to Bonnie in order to alleviate Kai’s guilt. Caroline invites Liam and Enzo to a rave, and Elena, Bonnie, and Stefan come to confront Caroline. Damon calls Bonnie, but after she refuses to talk to Kai, Damon and Kai show up and Kai attempts to apologize to her. Bonnie is coping with traumatic memories from her time in the prison world and is furious with Damon for forcing her to see Kai, who she believes is lying. After using her magic to punish Damon by forcing him to endure the wounds that Kai inflicted on her, she realizes that her experiences have changed her and finally calls Jeremy, telling him that she needs time to work things out. Stefan admits his feelings to Caroline and begs her to switch on her humanity; for a moment Caroline wavers and he knows that there is a chance to bring back the old Caroline. Kai reveals that Damon’s mother is a vampire and was imprisoned by the Gemini coven after she faked her own death and went on a worldwide killing spree. In retaliation for Stefan’s attempt to break through to her, Caroline kidnaps Sarah Salvatore and compels Liam to perform ‘surgery’ on her in the form of removing her organs. She tells Stefan that she will spare Sarah’s life if Stefan turns off his humanity. Elena manages to stop Liam from cutting out Sarah’s heart just as Stefan agrees to Caroline’s demands and shuts off his humanity.

The Vampire Diaries –The Downward Spiral – aired 3/12/2015
Written by Brian Young & Caroline Dries
Directed by Ian Somherhalder


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