Countdown to Paul’s Return to TVD – Day 110 – Part 1

Countdown to Paul’s Return to TVD – Day 110 – Part 1

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 – Episode 126 ”Let Her Go”  – Bonnie has her magic back thanks to Damon’s message and is planning to return home that night. Kai is dying because he merged with Luke instead of Jo. He tells Jo that unless she gives him her magic, they and the rest of the coven will die and the prison worlds will collapse. Meanwhile, Damon is struggling to write Liz a eulogy and is having flashbacks to his mother’s funeral. He also tells Caroline that it will only get harder for her later after everyone expects her to move on. Before Liz’s funeral, Caroline tries to ask Stefan how he feels about her, but he responds by saying that he’ll talk to her about it later. The funeral takes place: Damon gives the eulogy, Caroline sings, and the police honor Liz one last time. The moving display prompts Matt to get an application to join the police for both himself and Tyler, who has been drinking heavily since his breakup with Liv. Jo decides to give Kai her magic, and as this is taking place, Bonnie’s prison world shifts in and out of the Salvatore home in 1903, when the aurora borealis was taking place. Right before she is about to return home, she sees a woman who asks her who she is, but before she can learn more, she returns to the normal world. Kai feels healthy after receiving Jo’s magic, but before he leaves, he tells her that she is pregnant. Alaric proposes to her, telling her that he had already been planning to propose before the news, and she accepts. After Liz’s funeral, Caroline returns home, but Elena follows her and confronts her after realizing that Caroline plans to turn off her humanity to stop her pain and prevent what Damon warned her about. Caroline decides to go through with it anyway and breaks Elena’s neck. Stefan realizes that what he feels for Caroline could turn into something deeper and goes to her house, but he sees Elena lying on the ground. Damon reunites with Bonnie, and when Bonnie shows him the video she accidentally took while she was escaping, Damon realizes that the woman Bonnie saw was his mother.

The Vampire Diaries – Let Her Go – aired 2/19/2015
Written by Julie Plec
Directed by Julie Plec


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