Countdown to Paul’s Return to TVD – Day 108

Countdown to Paul’s Return to TVD – Day 108

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 – Episode 124 ”The Day I Tried to Live”  – Meanwhile, Stefan uncovers a secret about his great-niece Sarah Salvatore while Enzo wants to interfere with help from Matt for an alternate motive. Caroline is trying to cope with the hardships in her life, especially her mother’s illness, so Stefan keeps a close eye on her. Caroline goes out the woods to try to find Ms. Cuddles that she buried back when she was a little girl when she had a fight with Bonnie. Stefan is teasing her and they ended up having a funny moment and then Ms. Cuddles is found and her head accidentally gets torn off by Caroline who laughs and then cries and Stefan comforts her.

The Vampire Diaries – The Day I Tried to Live – aired 2/5/2015
Written by Chad Fiveash & James Stoteraux
Directed by Pascal Verschooris


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