Countdown to First Annual Paul Wesley Fandom Event – It’s Today

Countdown to First Annual Paul Wesley Fandom Event – It’s Today

Today’s Countdown is about how Paul’s commitment to Humane Society

Paul has been a longtime advocate for The Humane Society and supports changes in factory farming especially the use of gestation crates. His voice has brought awareness to the cause and he has made an impact with not just the younger generation but also the generation before his. Tonight’s event will be a celebration of being a Paul fan and we are excited to give back locally to cause he supports.

“Using Twitter and other social media outlets, I hope I can educate the younger generation and hopefully reform the way we consume food in America. We need to respect all animals as if they were the pets we love at home.” – Paul Wesley.


Please note this is a fan event – Paul Wesley is not schedule to attend.

Click this link for event information.

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