Colt Coeur’s Kickstarter Including ZÜRICH

Would you like to see the dress rehearshal for Paul’s new play “ZÜRICH”?

There is still open pledges to get some really cool things from Colt Coeur.

Here is what they are raising money for:

Theater Rental: ~$13,000 for NYTW’s beautiful Fourth Street Theater 
Scenic, Lighting and Costume budgets
: $1000 each, to bring the world of these gorgeous plays to life 
: $1000 each, and Zürich is a cast of 10!
Printing & copying
: $900+, because new plays mean new pages 
Liability insurance
: $1000, just in case!
Theater intensive for Brooklyn teens
: $5500 pays for our teaching artists, snacks & supplies for the students, and the venue for the final show!
Parity Plays Fest
: $2500, we pay all the artists involved + provide free tickets to all readings!
CoCo Residents group
: $3000 to  the artists; + snacks, ink cartridges + paper keep our residents happy!

We are dedicated to paying every artist involved – and we make best efforts to raise our pay every year, on every production.

We believe in very affordable ticket prices — tickets prices range from FREE to $30!

*These artists are members of Actor’s Equity. This is an Equity-Approved Showcase.

Kick here and support Colt Coeur.


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