Change Your Thanksgiving!

We are teaming up with Farm Sanctuary for their “Adopt a Turkey” November Campaign. Every couple of days we are going to post about one of the turkey that are available for adoption. Bringing awareness to the repercussions of Factory Farming is something very needed in our society these days.  Please take a few minutes to read below.

Turkeys raised for human consumption are crowded into poorly ventilated industrial production facilities, sometimes with as many as 10,000 birds packed into a single factory building. In 2007, 265 million of these naturally explorative and socially sophisticated birds were slaughtered in the United States. Bred to grow alarmingly faster than their wild counterparts, turkeys suffer from numerous health complications, including heart disease and painful leg disorders. Click here to full article.



This Thanksgiving you can make a change – even if it is just one day to start to make a difference.
Adopt a turkey celebrates the turkey instead of eating one.  The Farm Sanctuary have several
available here is Gerda who could use your support.


Click here to adopt to feed Gerda! 


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