What They Said Wednesday ~ Daniel Gillies

April 19, 2017

“I also knew Paul Wesley from Canada.  I met him about 10 years ago in Vancouver, when his name was Paul Wasilewski.  I remember Paul because, while I was in Canada, I was working as a waiter, trying to make my way before I got some acting work in Canada, and Paul was not only a gentleman at 19, but he also tipped me really well when he left the…


What They Said Wednesday ~ Nina Dobrev

March 29, 2017

“It’s funny because when Paul’s on set, he’s very serious, he’s very focused. He’s a lot like his character. He’s kind of method a little bit in some ways. But then, as soon as he leaves the set, he has this switch and he’s this cool, fun — not that he’s not cool on set, it’s just he lets loose a little more. In other words, to quote Hannah Montana,…


What They Said Wednesday ~ Ian Somerhalder

March 15, 2017

“I love working with Paul. He’s my brother. Paul has sisters – awesome, beautiful, totally amazing sisters — but I am literally like his brother. You’ve got to figure, after seven f**king years together, we are literal brothers.” ~ Ian Somerhalder


What They Said Wednesday ~ Julie Plec

March 8, 2017

It’s the scene where Elena was running in the cemetery. And he’s there, out of nowhere. And the sun is just hitting him so perfectly and his eyes are so beautifully green and he’s just staring at her and she’s staring up in him… Kevin and I both went “He is our guy, oh my god he is our guy! ~ Julie Plec    


What They Said Wednesday ~ Rick Worthy

February 22, 2017

“When I tested for the role, there were seven other guys in the room, and we were all reading with Paul.  I hadn’t really tested with another actor before, in front of the network.  We had great chemistry, and I could feel it as soon as we started. ” ~ Rick Worthy.


What They Said Wednesday ~ Elisha Cuthbert

February 15, 2017

“I’ll never forget our first scene together. Paul walked  on set and went right to it, like he’d been on the show for years.” ~ Elisha Cuthbert                                                   


What They Said Wednesday ~ Bob Levy

February 8, 2017

“For the pilot and the TV series to work, the relationship between Elena and Stefan had to be magic. I said to myself ‘This is phenomenal’. There is real chemistry between Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev.” ~ Bob Levy.