ENews Interview With Paul

October 20, 2016

ENews Interview with Candice, Paul and Matt – they talk about their relationships                                                                                                           for the show and…


TVLine Interview With Paul

October 19, 2016

Paul sits down with TVLine and discusses Stefan and Caroline, turning dark and Elena for Season 8. “Stefan and Caroline start off pretty strong … and then it kind of spins out of control,” Paul Wesley told TVLine during a recent visit to the show’s Atlanta set. “It can get dark for a second. But the ultimate thing is, ‘Will they end up together?’ And that I actually don’t know.”…


Flashback Of “The Ripper” In Store For TVD Season 8

October 13, 2016

Julie Plec revealed to EW about “The Vampire Diaries” Season 8  that includes a flashback with Stefan. Along with things fans have seen before, Plec also plans to use the final season to explore some things that fans haven’t seen, but rather, only heard about. And considering Stefan and Damon have been alive for more than 100 years, there’s a lot for the writers to work with. “This season is all…


TVD Series Finale Finalized

September 23, 2016

Since it was announced earlier this summer that season 8 of The Vampire Diaries would be its last, fans have been trying to guess how the CW drama will come to a close. Now, the creators are confirming the finale plan is all set. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, creator Kevin Williamson revealed that while there is definitely still a question of who will end up with who, the…