Throwback Thursday ~ TVD ~ Stefan & Lexi’s Friendship

December 6, 2018

  This week we are just going to share one of the best friendships on The Vampire Diaries. We are talking about Stefan’s and Lexi “Best Friends” relationship. She was there for him even after Damon killed her for good. Who can forget the end of TVD when Stefan really died. It was Lexi who met him on the other side… that one line he said “I was feeling Epic”…


Throwback Thursday ~ Before I Disappear

November 29, 2018

    This week’s #TBT takes place in 2014 when Paul starred in the movie “Before I Disappear”.  The story is about a troubled young man, Richie, who reluctantly agrees to watch his 11 year old niece as a favor to his estranged sister. Paul plays Gideon, who is a friend of Richie’s. See what the night has in store for them by watching Paul in “Before I Disappear”. #PaulWesley…


Throwback Thursday ~ Paul in 2012

November 22, 2018

  Throwback to Thanksgiving — Paul Wesley In 2013, our hearts were melted when “Uncle Paul” posted this adorable picture of him and his nephew Max, wishing us all a happy Thanksgiving.  As we celebrate & give thanks this year, please remember those less fortunate.  Happy Thanksgiving!! #PaulWesley #TBT #UnclePaul #Max #Paulvedere #AdoptATurkey #ThrowbackThursday


Throwback Thursday ~ Paul In China

November 15, 2018

This week for the  #ThrowbackThursday we are going to revisit March 2013.  Paul was promoting TVD and attended a press conference in Beijing, China.  He was a huge hit with the fans and from the pics, it looks like China was a big hit with Paul!  #TBT #PaulWesley #China #TVD #Paulvedere #Beijing #VampireDiaries


Throwback Thursday ~ TVD Stefan in WWII

November 8, 2018

With Veterans’ Day upon us, I thought we would have a #TVD flashback to December 6, 2012. This episode of Vampire Diaries is from Season 4 episode 8 –  “We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street”.  In this episode, Stefan & Damon revisit New Orleans searching for someone who had answers to the sire bond and who was around in 1942. A flashback occurs during WWII, showing Stefan and Lexie finding Damon…


Throwback Thursday ~ Paul in CSI: Miami

November 1, 2018

  This week’s #TBT goes back to October 2004, when Paul starred on an episode of CSI: Miami. The TV series ran from 2002-2012. Paul was on episode 5 of season 3, “Legal”.  He played Jack Warner Bradford. The CSI series is all about investigating homicides and finding criminals..trying to find out “Who done it..” so to find out if Paul was innocent or guilty, you will have to watch…


Throwback Thursday ~ Halloween

October 25, 2018

This week’s #ThrowbackThursday takes us back to a Halloween party that Paul attended along with his friend and former co-star, Nina Dobrev.  As we all know, these two worked together on the CW hit tv series, The Vampire Diaries.  The epic couple, known as #Stelena, won the hearts of fans all over the world. Even though Dobrev left at the end of season 6, she came back for one more…


Throwback Thursday ~ Paul in “Fallen”

October 18, 2018

    In this week’s TBT, we go back to 2006, where Paul starred in the movie, “Fallen”.  He plays Aaron, a high school jock. When he turns 18, his life forever changes and he suddenly has a power that reveals the terrifying truth of his identity. He then becomes The Redeemer, a half-angel, half-man who can return fallen angels to heaven. Be sure to check Paul out in “Fallen”….


Throwback Thursday ~ “Lucas Luthor” Smallville

October 11, 2018

This week’s #ThrowbackThursday features Paul on the CW’s Smallville series. The series ran from 2001-2011. It was the longest running CW series prior to Supernatural!  Paul played the character of Lucas Luthor, the half brother of Lex Luthor and the illegitimate son of Lionel Luthor. The episode is called “Prodigal” and is from season 2 episode 15. Be sure to check Paul out in Smallville! Click here to watch a…


Throwback Thursday ~ TVD “Tom Avery”

October 4, 2018

This week’s #ThrowbackThursday takes us back to March 2014, during season 5 of the Vampire Diaries. Episodes 16 & 17 introduced us to Tom Avery – a very human paramedic and doppelgänger of Silas and Stefan who loved pancakes. The episodes were “While You Were Sleeping” (16) and “Rescue Me” (17). Tom Avery’s existence plays an interesting role in the doppelgänger world. If you haven’t had a chance to see…