Throwback Thursday ~ TVD ~ Fool Me Once

August 2, 2019

Throwback Thursday ~ Fool Me Once In season 1 episode 14 of The Vampire Diaries, Stefan helps Elena & Bonnie out of a dangerous situation when they are kidnapped by Ben & Anna. Stefan, Elena, & Damon work with Grams & Bonnie to open the tomb. Everyone is shocked by what they discover. #ThrowbackThursday #TVD #ReWatch #PaulWesley #VampireDiaries #TBT #Stefan


Throwback Thursday ~ The Birthday

July 11, 2019

  TVD’s season 3 episode 1 begins on Elena’s 18th birthday. Stefan has been gone with Klaus and she is losing hope that she will find him.  Damon has been tracking him & finds out he is in TN. Klaus & Stefan are searching for Roy, a werewolf, so Klaus can make his hybrids. Damon comes face 2 face with Stefan & knows he can be saved. Elena receives a…


Throwback Thursday ~ Paul as Stefan in TVD “Masquerade” Episode

June 23, 2019

This week, we’re having a #TVD throwback from season 2. Episode 7, Masquerade, has Stefan & Damon teaming up against Katherine – as she is a threat to Mystic Falls. The plan is to deal with her at the Lockwood’s Masquerade Ball. However, the night is full of twists and turns..have a #TVD rewatch to find out what secrets unfold. #PaulWesley #Stefan #TBT #Masquerade #TVD #MasqueradeBall #ThrowbackThursday #VampireDiaries  


Throwback Thursday ~ Tell Me A Story

June 13, 2019

  With the exciting news of Paul returning the CBS’ All Access series, Tell Me a Story, we thought we would have a throwback to the first season of the series. Each “story” is 10 episodes and is based on the childhood fairytale stories set in the modern day. Wrapped in love, lust, greed, and murder, these thrilling fairytales will keep you on the edge of your seat! Paul plays…


Throwback Thursday ~ Making A Difference

June 7, 2019

In September 2017, Paul was in a Cadillac commercial for the new CT6 plug in hybrid. He travels to 4 different locations where the communities are working together to make their environment more sustainable by using natural resources and energy. And Cadillac is taking part by introducing their first plug in hybrid, the CT6. Click the link & watch below.  #TBT #PaulWesley #Cadillac #CT6 #NaturalResources #SavingOurEnvironment Cadillac CT6 PLUG-IN’S Dare…


Throwback Thursday ~ Crossing Jordan

May 30, 2019

In April of 2006, Paul starred on the TV drama, Crossing Jordan. The 18th episode was called “Thin Ice”, and aired in season 5. He plays Quentin Baker, a baseball player. Will Paul hit a home run? Find out in Crossing Jordan! #PaulWesley #TBT #CrossingJordan #ThinIce #ThrowbackThursday #QuentinBaker #Paulvedere


Throwback Thursday ~ Paul In Everwood

May 29, 2019

  ThrowbackThursday ~ Everwood One of my favorite TV shows that Paul played in was called Everwood. The show premiered in 2002 and Paul joined in during season 2, as Paul Wasilewski. He played Tommy Callahan, and was the love interest of Amy Abbott, played by Emily VanCamp. Paul was in nine episodes, from episode 9 to 17. Check Paul out in Everwood! #PaulWesley #Everwood #TBT #Paulvedere #TommyCallahan#ThrowbackThursday #PaulWasilewski      


Throwback Thursday ~ The Night of the Comet

May 17, 2019

This week’s #TBT goes all the way back to September 2009 when Paul was our favorite #TVD character, Stefan Salvatore. The episode, “The Night of the Comet”, is from season 1 episode 2. This episode is when Elena goes to the Salvatore house to talk to Stefan, because she has her doubts about him…but ends up finding Damon there instead. However, she does learn a little bit about Stefan’s past….


Throwback Thursday ~ Shadowhunters

May 9, 2019

  Since this week marked the series finale of Shadowhunters,  I thought we’d a throwback to when Paul directed an episode of the show. It was called “Day of Atonement” and was episode 16 of season 2.  Check out the link below and watch Paul’s interview as he talks about the experience.  #PaulWesley #ThrowbackThursday #Shadowhunters #DirectorWesley #TBT #Paulvedere