Stefan Moments ~ “Founders Day”

November 21, 2017

Season 1 – Season Finale “Founders Day” Elena and Stefan are getting ready for the Founder’s Day parade. Mrs. Lockwood is supervising the preparations, telling the marching band that the lineup is wrong and Matt to get on his float. Damon and Stefan are talking about Elena when she arrives, dressed as a southern belle and strongly resembling Katherine as she curtsies. They both had to take a second look at Elena because she resembles Katherine so…


Stefan Moments ~ “Isobel”

November 14, 2017

Season 1 –  Episode 21 ~ “Isobel” This is the episode that Elena finally meets her birth mother Isobel. But Isobel comes off as unfeeling towards Elena and just wants something Damon has. Stefan is very protective of Elena and in the end stands up to Damon when Isobel reveals to Elena that Damon loves Elena.    


Stefan Moments ~ Blood Brothers

November 7, 2017

This week’s Stefan Moment is “Blood Brothers” which was Season 1 – Episode 20 that aired on 4/29/2010.  Stefan is locked up in the basement to get under control but refuses to drink the blood – he thinks it is best to die like he should have in 1864.       Damon tells Elena how he became a vampire and why he resents Stefan for it. Stefan is also…


Fun Times At TV & Film Museum In Covington

August 2, 2017

Recently the “Hollywood of the South – Television and Film” museum opened up in Covington, Georgia. The museum is located on the town square right where “The Vampire Diaries’ filmed for 8 years. In fact, the scene from season one where Damon, Vicki and Stefan were on top of a building is right above the museum. The museum offers fans a chance to sit on furniture from the sets –…


Are Stefan & Caroline Moving Too Fast? TVLine Poll

November 2, 2016

Friday’s Vampire Diaries ended with two fan-favorite characters pledging to spend the rest of their immortal lives together. My first thought: “Aww!” My second: “Is there any way this won’t go horribly wrong?” And that’s not to say I don’t support Stefan and Caroline as a couple; it’s well documented (somewhere in the deep, mysterious archives of the Internet) that I’ve sailed the good ‘ship “Steroline” since the third episode of…


First Look at Paul as Stefan in TVD Season 8 – Episode 1

September 6, 2016

E! Online released first still of Paul in TVD last season (8) – episode 1 titled “Hello Brother” as Stefan. Meanwhile, as the season opens, we’ll see Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Bonnie (Kat Graham) teaming up to investigate a lead (after months of dead ends) that will hopefully bring them one step closer to bringing Damon and Enzo back. Click here to read full article.