Stefan Moments ~ As I Lay Dying ~ TVD 2×22

January 8, 2019

  Stefan Moments ~ Season 2 Episode 22 “As I Lay Dying” – Stefan lets Elena know that Damon was biten by Tyler and is dying. The only cure is Klaus’s blood and Stefan is trying to locate him. In the meantime Stefan tells Elena and she goes to see Damon. This is one of the main turning points in the storyline. Stefan has to make the choice to go…


Stefan Moments ~ “The Return”

November 29, 2017

Season 2 – Episode 1 – “The Return”.  The show picks up where Season 1 finale ended with Katherine Pierce coming back to Mystic Falls and impersonates Elena and cuts off John Gilberts fingers. Elena finds John and calls Stefan who arrives and watches over Jeremy while Elena goes to the hospital to check on Caroline since she was in the wreck with Tyler and Matt. Katherine came back to…


Stefan Moments ~ “Founders Day”

November 21, 2017

Season 1 – Season Finale “Founders Day” Elena and Stefan are getting ready for the Founder’s Day parade. Mrs. Lockwood is supervising the preparations, telling the marching band that the lineup is wrong and Matt to get on his float. Damon and Stefan are talking about Elena when she arrives, dressed as a southern belle and strongly resembling Katherine as she curtsies. They both had to take a second look at Elena because she resembles Katherine so…


Stefan Moments ~ “Isobel”

November 14, 2017

Season 1 –  Episode 21 ~ “Isobel” This is the episode that Elena finally meets her birth mother Isobel. But Isobel comes off as unfeeling towards Elena and just wants something Damon has. Stefan is very protective of Elena and in the end stands up to Damon when Isobel reveals to Elena that Damon loves Elena.    


Stefan Moments ~ Blood Brothers

November 7, 2017

This week’s Stefan Moment is “Blood Brothers” which was Season 1 – Episode 20 that aired on 4/29/2010.  Stefan is locked up in the basement to get under control but refuses to drink the blood – he thinks it is best to die like he should have in 1864.       Damon tells Elena how he became a vampire and why he resents Stefan for it. Stefan is also…


Stefan Moments ~ Miss Mystic Falls

October 11, 2017

Miss Mystic Falls (Season 1 – Episode 19) aired April 22, 2010. Stefan is still drinking human blood from the hospital blood bank bags but lying about it. Damon catches him drinking human blood and is concern because it has been a long time since Stefan has drank human blood. Stefan insists that he has it under control. Damon shows up at the Miss Mystic Falls ball and voices his…


Stefan Moments ~ “Under Control”

October 3, 2017

Under Control – Season 1, Episode 18 aired 4/15/2010 The show opens with Stefan working out and Damon giving him a hard time about not drinking human blood. The episode opens on Stefan doing pull-ups in his bedroom.  Damon comes in with a glass of blood and makes a snarky comment about his loud music. Damon asks Stefan when he’s going back to school, and Stefan, who is now on…