Paul’s Insightful Podcast With Chris Paul

August 28, 2017

Paul did a podcast with his good buddy Chris Paul. The interview is pretty insightful on Paul thoughts and beliefs. Paul Wesley joins @nonetakenpod for a great conversation. Paul is an actor, director, and producer who starred for eight seasons in the CW smash hit “The Vampire Diaries”. We discuss his experience on the show, finding inspiration, understanding perspectives that aren’t your own, and how to find genuine validation in the…


Part 2 of Paul’s Podcast with At Will Radio

April 13, 2016

Part 2 of Paul’s podcast with At Will Radio is now available. Check out Part 2 on iTunes and here what Paul has to say about ghosts, his tattoo, being kicked out of school and what he likes to read. #paulwesley #atwillradio #willmalnati #podcast #itunes #part2  


Part 1 of Paul’s Podcast with At Will Radio

April 8, 2016

Paul recently sat down with Will Malnati and did a podcast with atwillradio. Paul got real in this podcast and it was funny and enlightening. They uploaded the Part 1 and his you can hear it here on itunes . Part 2 will be released next week. Make sure to follow @atwillradio on Twitter to hear Paul talks about next week. #paulwesley #podcast #atwillradio #willmalnati