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Annie Wersching Blogging About Filming with Paul

Recently Annie Wersching filled in for Candice Accola’s on her EW Blog. She filled us in with what happened behind the scenes with Paul. Annie Wersching aka Mama Salvatore is the one of the best things that has happen in the TVD family. Evil or not her scenes with Stefan really pulled at the heart for the fans – no one likes Stefan feelings to be hurt.

The Vampire Diaries

Due to Caroline’s absence in last night’s episode, Candice Accola taking the week off from blogging for EW. But her fellow vampire Annie Wersching, who plays the delicious Lily Salvatore, was happy to step in and provide us with some behind-the-scenes insight. And she brought photos! See what Wersching had to say about “I’d Leave My Happy Home for You.”

We started with the cameras facing Paul on that big emotional scene, and everyone kept saying “save it, save it” to me—meaning don’t go 100 percent with the emotion and tears until the camera is actually ON you. Makes sense. That’s usually the way most people approach a scene like that. But for me, if I fake it and do “less” for multiple takes, when it comes to actually needing to do it full out again, I kind of get used to the marking way and I find it harder to tap into the big guns again. I’m not sure if that makes sense—but my point is, I was crying like that for all of Paul’s takes. He must have thought I was nuts!

Another Emotional Scene between Stefan and Mama S

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