Wednesday Creature Feature ~ July 31, 2019


‘Ravioli’ Starfish on Camera that Looks just like the Stuffed Pasta!

Sthenaster Emmae is the name of the species! This starfish has been known to be around for a while but was seen again recently in the Atlantic Ocean! However this is the first time the creature has been seen alive. Scientists believed that the creature was more like coral but after capturing video they can now say it is much more. Click here to learn more!

Rare Sea Turtles Smash Nesting Records in Georgia, Carolinas!

Rare sea turtles are hitting breaking records this summer on the southeast beaches. The egg-laying boom started more than 30 years ago. Giant 300 pound turtles come ashore every year to dig nests and lay their eggs and in 2016 the numbers seemed to be falling. But scientists have calculated more than 12,200 of the threatened loggerheads nests on the beaches this year. They say the turtles lay around 100 eggs per nest as well. This is very happy news for the species so it can grow more and more. Click here to learn more.

Myths behind Trophy Hunting! 

Leading U.S. scientists speak out about the harms caused by trophy hunting of mountain lions and why we must fight against this cruel blood sport. Each year, trophy hunters kill thousands of mountain lions throughout the western and Midwestern U.S., despite increasing public opposition. Learn more about mountain lions and what the Humane Society of the United States is doing to protect them from trophy hunting and other egregious killing methods.




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