Paulisms ~ November 13, 2017

November 13, 2017

 “I certainly don’t think they should live happily ever after, but it’s a nice distraction from the reality of … all the atrocities Stefan has committed throughout the years.” ~ Paul Wesley.    


Paulisms ~ November 6, 2017

November 6, 2017

“I take a bunch of product, spike my hair a little, and that’s it. It’s funny because it looks like stereotypical ‘vampire hair’, as if I got it done for this show. But I’ve been wearing my hair the same way since I was 16.” ~ Paul Wesley.


Paulisms ~ October 2, 2017

October 2, 2017

  “For my final scene, I finished and had my eyes closed, and someone sprayed Funfetti in my face. It was a direct shot, in my face. I was doing this emotional scene. I was crying, and then, all of a sudden, I had Funfetti in my eyes. It was really funny.” ~ Paul Wesley.  


Paulisms ~ September 25, 2017

September 25, 2017

  “I think Stefan has been laid to rest … I’m trying to sort of do the opposite of what I’ve being doing for eight years for the most part. I don’t think I’ll be doing a supernatural show anytime soon, that’s for sure. I’m trying to branch out and do different things.” ~ Paul Wesley


This Weeks Paulisms ~ April 24, 2017

April 24, 2017

“I grew up with Dawson’s Creek and I always watched it. In fact since then I have a deep admiration for Kevin Williamson both for this show than for ‘Scream’: it is still strange to think that a figure who influenced so much my childhood now has chosen me to work with him!” – Paul Wesley.