Stefan Moments ~ “There Goes The Neighborhood”

April 25, 2017

At school Stefan lets Elena know that Damon is not talking to him because he is upset that Katherine will not talk to him. Elena suggests they go out and it ends up being a double date with Caroline. They all have fun and end up at Stefan’s house and he shows them his Porsche. Stefans lets Matt know that he is not use to being around people that he…


Stefan Moments ~ “A Few Good Men”

April 18, 2017

Stefan Moments this week is “A Few Good Men” from  Season 1 Episode 15 which is about Elena finding out about her birth mother Isobel. The truth about Alaric also comes out and it is revealed that he was married to Isobel and Damon killed her…so they thought. Turned out Isobel turned into a vampire. TVD filmed a few scenes on location in Covington, GA on the town square. Below are…


Stefan Moments ~ Fool Me Once

April 11, 2017

This week’s Stefan Moments is Episode 14 “Fool Me Once” that aired February 10, 2010  ends with a tear jerker with Grams dying but starts off with Stefan looking all over Mystic Falls for Elena. She is missing and he asks Damon to help find her. It turns out Elena was kidnapped by Anna who calls Stefan to bring  her the Gimoire that  Damon has that will free her mother…


Stefan’s Moments ~ Children Of The Damned

March 29, 2017

Episode 13 titled “Children Of The Damned” for Season 1 has flashbacks to 1864 when Katherine was with Stefan & Damon. In flashbacks, Stefan and Damon recall the long-ago actions taken by townspeople including their father, Giuseppe Salvatore and Pearl leading to the devastating events that caused the rift in their relationship. You can see how Stefan and Damon were like with their individual relationship with Katherine and their father before…


Stefan Moments ~ Unpleasantville

March 21, 2017

This weeks Stefan Moments is 1×12 “Unpleasantville” that aired 1/28/2010. In this episode there is an unknown vampire that is after Elena. Stefan and Damon protect her and decide the Mystic Falls High School 50’s dance they can draw the vampire out. Damon tries to play nice with Caroline and Bonnie to dance but he was rejected he asked Elena but she wanted to dance with Stefan. Elena and Stefan…


Stefan Moments ~ Bloodlines

March 14, 2017

Bloodlines aired 1/21/2010 after a long winter break of having previous TVD episodes air (the network reran the first 10 episodes to catch new fans up). In episode 1×11 Elena drove away from the Salvatore house upset over seeing a picture of  Katherine who looked like her. She wreck her car and Damon saved her and took her on a road trip. Stefan was determined to find her and enlisted Bonnie’s…


Stefan Moments ~ The Turning Point

March 7, 2017

The Turning Point (Episode 10) from Season 1 that aired November 19, 2009 was a real turning point for Stefan and Elena. Stefan decides it is better not to be with Elena and he wants to leave town but he and Damon discovers a new vampire and they rescue Caroline from Logan (the vampire). Stefan goes to let Elena know that Caroline is ok and she drives him home.  Elena…


Stefan Moments ~ History Repeating

February 28, 2017

Episode 9 “History Repeating” of Season 1 that aired November 12, 2009 is this week’s Stefan Moments. During the episode, Stefan wants to know why Damon is in Mystic Falls and approaches him in the Mystic Grill to “bond” and the brothers end up at the high school football field. Damon reveals he wants to release Katherine from the tomb under the old church grounds. Damon tells Stefan that Katherine never compelled…


Stefan Moments ~ 162 Candles

February 21, 2017

Episode 8 of Season 1 is “162 Candles” that aired November 5, 2009 is this weeks “Stefan Moments”.  TVD introduces the fans to the beloved Lexi, Stefan’s best friend and mentor who shows up in Mystic Falls to celebrate Stefan’s birthday. The viewers can see how close Stefan and Lexi are and they end up at the Mystic Grill where Lexi gives Elena sound advice about Stefan to help her accept…


Stefan Moments ~ Haunted

February 14, 2017

Haunted was the 7th episode of Season 1 of The Vampire Diaries and aired on October 31, 2009 ~ Halloween. The show revolted around Vicki learning the ropes of being a vampire. There was a school Halloween Dance/Party that she went too. Elena was trying to protect Jeremy and Stefan was trying to help Vicki and watch over Elena.  This episode shows Stefan killing Vicki by staking her when she…