Fan Friday ~ Meet Dedicated Fan Liesbeth

March 10, 2017

Hi.. I’m Liesbeth and I’m from the Netherlands I’ve been a fan of Paul for almost 3 years now. I discovered him one day when I decided to watch the Vampire Diaries. The moment Paul came on my tv screen as Stefan I was in love with him and of course hooked on TVD. I’m sad It’s going to end but I enjoyed watching Paul playing Stefan for 8 years….


Fan Friday ~ Read How Devoted Georgia Is About Paul!

March 3, 2017

Below is Georgia’s story about meeting Paul twice – once in England and the second time she traveled to the United States just to see him! I met Georgia this past December in Orlando and she is very sweet and soft spoken and just adores Paul! Thank you for sharing your story Georgia. Hi I’m Georgia I’ve recently turned eighteen, and I’m from the Peak District in England. Ever since the…


Fan Friday ~ Patience’s Frantic & Funny Encounter With Paul

February 24, 2017

It’s Fan Friday Day! This week we get to read what happened to Patience (who is one of the sweetest PDubber I ever met) when she went to see Paul in New Orleans. Thank you Patience for sharing! Hi! I’m Patience and I want to share with you a funny encounter I had with Paul Wesley. First, I’d like to say that I’m a huge fan! I admire Paul and his…


Fan Friday ~ What A Fan Did For Bobcats In Paul’s Name.

February 17, 2017

This week’s Fan Friday is from fellow Paul fan  Joan Sandberg who has a unique story about what Paul has in common with Bobcats.  Joan is a huge animal lover like Paul and has supported Paul’s Humane Society Campaigns. She attends a lot of conventions and likes to give Paul and Ian gifts when she sees them especially around their birthdays and Christmas.      One of Joan’s favorite hobbies is taking…


Fan Friday ~ Michele Likes To Travel To See Paul & TVD Events

February 10, 2017

It’s Fan Friday day and this week Michele Mattos from California shares how she admires Paul along with a few encounters with Paul. You may recognize Michele from the conventions or online as she runs a couple of non official  TVD Creation convention Facebook pages for The Vampire Diaries fans.   Hi, I have been watching Vampire Diaries from the first episode and have loved Paul from the start.  I truly admire Paul as a person and…


Fan Friday ~ Why Camelia Is Thankful For Paul

February 3, 2017

Forever thankful for PAUL WESLEY… My name is Camelia, I’m a French Pdubber. This is my story. Where do I even start? I guess I will start by saying the first few things that come to mind. Thank you to PAUL WESLEY, I love and admire him greatly. He is without a doubt the greatest person I have ever known besides my 4 closest friends. Words can’t even describe how…


Fan Friday ~ Admiring Paul Is Not Just For Girls – Meet Jeremy Schultz

January 27, 2017

Fan Friday is here and this week we have Jeremy Schultz telling his experience and why he likes Paul. Thank you Jeremy for sharing for Fan Friday! Ever since I started watching TVD I always loved and found Stefan to be the type of person I would want to be. Kind, loyal, brave and selfless. He always does his best to redeem himself regardless of the horrible things he has done…


Fan Friday ~ Meet Isabella Who Loves Paul & Editing Videos Of Him

January 20, 2017

Week three of Fan Friday and this week’s post has been hard keeping until today! Check out what Isabella has to say about Paul and follow her social media accounts. She makes great videos of Paul and made one specifically for this week’s Fan Friday. Thanks Isabella for doing this week’s Fan Friday and for joining us on the “Stefan Excursion” back in October. Hi, my name is Isabella! I’m a…


Fan Friday ~ Chelsea’s Experience Meeting Paul

January 13, 2017

Fan Friday is here and this week’s fan is Chelsea, who is a nursing student in Indiana. She wanted to share her experience meeting Paul in Chicago in 2015 and then seeing him again in 2016. Thank you Chelsea for sharing your story, pictures and video. My first time meeting Paul was in Chicago in 2015. I’d spent a few years before this supporting Paul and the Humane Society so I was…


Fan Friday – Kardelen Shares What She Likes About Paul

January 6, 2017

It’s “Fan Friday”and Kardelen from Turkey shares what she likes about Paul and how being his fan has impacted her life. Thank you Kardelen for sharing! When I started watching TVD in 2009, I fell in love with Stefan Salvatore and found myself in the twitter world with my fellow pdubbers. I’ve learned so many things because of Paul and developed my English because of his interviews and my twitter friends. It’s…